Rajasthani, Be the medium of instruction in Rajasthan

Rajasthani, Be the medium of instruction in Rajasthan
Golden opportunity to correct mistake

Gandhi's words - 'the children rather than their mother tongue in second language education, they tend to suicide itself.'

Trigun Sen Committee report should be elementary education through mother tongue. Education Minister of Rajasthan on the other hand Master Bhanwaralal childish statement published in newspapers in the state that currently the mother tongue is Hindi. Dularti us in a language that is the mother, tells Aloriaan, we thrive to have a sacrament of the language - are growing, that is our mother tongue. Pity the Minister's statement and strip for them raises some questions in mind. Hon'ble Minister of State are the same. What their mother tongue is Hindi? Aloriaan they heard from their mother in Hindi language. Marriage ceremonies, etc. in Hindi as their songs are at home? In Hindi they ask for votes? People communicate in Hindi do? The Mahanuha merely so - little experience, they have no right to continue education minister of Rajasthan. After independence through education in Rajasthan in relation to decisions which were wrong to correct that mistake and now has a golden opportunity if the Government of Rajasthan, Gandhi's ideas at all respects the state compulsory education through mother tongue in the immediate The rules should apply. Rajasthan Education - Policy - makers should follow up on these ideas of Gandhi - "the medium of instruction should be changed so completely and at all costs, and regional languages should get their legitimate place. It Kabila - punishment waste daily - B - day is, so instead I prefer to temporarily become chaos.' Gandhi from personal experience, it was convinced that education until the child's mother tongue is passed through, the full powers of the child to develop and fully support him in his social life for its own well-proven unable to make it worth. Kumarppa India, Gandhi's ideas in the editing based on "the medium of instruction booklet called ' do their word, 'mother tongue just as natural for human development as a small child's body for the development of breast milk. Child learns from his mother, his first text. So I for children's mental development on the mother's native language to load a language other than sin understand.' Gandhi was the guilt of the fact that he did not get primary education in their mother tongue, Gujarati. He wrote that as much as mathematics, geometry, algebra, chemistry and four years he began learning astrology, rather than Gujarati into English would read more easily learned in one year is the same. Moreover Gandhiji believed that through the reading of his Gujarati Gujarati शब्दज्ञान would have been enriched and that knowledge is used in your home. Gandhi's clear that learning through mother tongue other than receiving an impassable gulf between the boy and his relatives occurs. 'Harijan Sewak and' 'Young India', Gandhiji called the letters written numerous articles about the issue. To honor his mother tongue, he said Jivenadayini every - effort needs expressed. He said - "in my native language so the holes might be, I'll be pressed to her the same way, the way of his mother's breast. That I can give life to provide milk.'Kabila - to look into it, in which Gandhi wrote - "I believe that the children of the nation rather than their mother tongue in second language education, they tend to suicide itself.' The question arises that how long we will keep pushing our children to suicide? 64 consecutive years and receive education through mother tongue rather than in spite of other people of Rajasthan, the mother of my mind - could not be separated if no language is so that our existence not fade. English medium schools, the children play - play it if there is a mother humming lines of poetry - the language itself is Prasfutith. Rajasthan Rajasthani language of textbooks in schools even if not, but still native teachers to teach each subject's typical of colloquial words just have to use. A teacher of English based on their experiments found that English language skills in Rajasthan through Rajasthan great ease and can be delivered quickly. Not correct in theory, the reality is that today practically in Rajasthan Hindi subject knowledge has to get itself through the Rajasthani. Using their native language in teaching the teachers are able to place in the hearts of children and teachers from the boy's psyche acquired knowledge becomes permanent on the table. Rahul Sankrityaan about the same thing in terms Rajasthani strongly advocated. He said - "Education through mother tongue should be, if this principle be accepted so long engaged in the withdrawal from Rajasthan illiteracy. Rajasthan's population will be a long Haanqui like sheep. So the first need to be made Rajasthani language medium of instruction.'Rajasthan Rajasthani children should be provided only through education, then it may prove more effective. Other speaking residents of Rajasthan but also we do not advocate it be imposed. Punjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati or Hindi medium education etc. wishing to take children to receive education in their mother tongue should be the facility.
Writer Is Allready Working In Education Department Rajasthan And Writer Of Rajasthani Literature.

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